Managers and Employees Disagree on Retention Issues

The 2009 Spherion Emerging Workforce Employer Survey has
identified that managers and employees strongly disagree
on what drives employee retention.

Managers prioritized retention drivers as:
1. Management Climate
2. Supervisor Relationship
3. Culture/Work Environment
4. Benefits
5. Financial Compensation
6. Growth & Earnings Potential
7. Time & Flexibility
8. Training.

Employees prioritized retention drivers as:
1. Benefits
2. Financial Compensation
3. Growth & Earnings Potential
4. Management Climate
5. Time & Flexibility
6. Culture/Work Environment
7. Supervisor Relationship
8. Training.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: The interesting aspect of the above
managers’ list is the fact that managers erroneously
perceived that financial issues were less important to
employees than culture and climate.  During the last 18
months when financial issues were almost all that mattered
to most companies, managers completely missed how
important money was to employees.

As the economy improves, I am certain we can expect
employees to make up the financial losses they have
incurred over the past 2 years by seeking higher paying
opportunities at other companies.

One way to prevent this employee exodus is to create a
Wage & Salary Program that is driven by market factors.

To receive a copy of our 2-page overview for creating a
competitive Wage & Salary Program, click on the link
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