Make Happen, Watch Happen, Wonder “What Happened?”

It has been said that there are 3 types of people:
Those who make things happen, those who watch things
happen, and those who wonder, “What just happened?”

The comparison of these 3 types of people to the Gallup
research on employee engagement is interesting.  Gallup
notes engagement statistics across corporate America as
29% are actively engaged
54% neither engaged nor disengaged
17% are actively disengaged

In our own HR consulting experience with clients we often
25% engaged (help make things happen)
70% neither engaged nor disengaged (watch things happen)
5% disengaged (wonder, “What happened?”)

HR POINTER: If a company wants to dramatically improve
operational and financial results, one of the best methods
for doing this is to find ways to actively engage the
“silent majority” of employees.

In order to find out the engagement “buttons to push and
levers to pull,” one of the best methods for extracting
this information is an Employee Engagement Survey.  To
view information on our Engagement Survey process, click
on the link below:

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