Listen More, Talk Less

Still looking for that perfect New Year’s resolution? 
What about making a commitment to listen more and talk
less in 2010?

One of the shortcomings that I have observed in managers
is mediocre listening.  I have seen it in 1-on-1
gatherings and in large meetings.  If we are not being
distracted with documents or blackberry emails, we are
listening half-heartedly because we are mentally
constructing our response.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Probably the single biggest impact
that a manager can have on his/her direct reports is to
make a sincere effort to listen better.

Listening involves making a concerted effort to focus on
the person who is speaking and on his/her words without
trying to construct a rebuttal and without all the
distractions like a ringing cell phone.

Listening is the ultimate sign of respect for the other

Try it with your employees and your family.

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