Incivility in the Workplace – The Solution

In the last blog post, we defined incivility and talked
about its adverse impact on a company.  This week we will
address the solution.

The typical response would be to bring the “toxic
employee” into a meeting, address the issue, and begin the
disciplinary process to resolve the issue or remove the

Certainly, disciplinary action will work.  But the process
of resolving incivility often requires a systems solution.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: The long-term solution to resolving
incivility has to do with training, clear expectations,
and accountability.

Solutions include:
*Identifying company values and related behaviors.
*Talking about and teaching civility.
*Having clearly documented expectations of civility.
*Setting zero tolerance levels for incivility.
*Weeding out the people who “don’t get it.”
*Seriously listening to employees via:
  -Attitude surveys
  -Exit interviews
  -360 Reviews

If the corporate values of a business are important to
long-term success, then the organization needs to clearly
identify the positive behaviors to exhibit and the
negative behaviors to avoid.

If you would like to read an overview on how we help
clients achieve civility in the workplace, click on the
link below and scroll to the bottom of the page and read
item #3 – Behavior Assessment.

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