Pay Scale Checkup for 2018

Annual salary is one of the most important yardsticks by
which employees measure success and compare themselves to
their peers.

As 2017 draws to a close, businesses get serious about
setting goals that improve their bottom lines for next

Similarly, employees get serious about setting their goals
at this time of the year. Usually at the top of an
employee’s list of goals is “improve my bottom line”
(i.e., take home pay).

The question is, “Will your employees improve their bottom
lines while remaining at your firm or will they seek to
improve their finances at another company?”

HR POINTER: Keeping employees’ salaries competitive with
the market is one of the keys to retaining top talent.

With the challenges in our economy of a low unemployment
rate and the rising cost of health insurance, most
businesses have been unable to provide significant salary
increases that increase take home pay. As such, quality
employees are being recruited away by companies that offer
salary incentives.

However, now is the time to do a “Pay Scale Checkup” and
begin the planning for non-monetary and monetary changes
to help retain valuable employees in 2018.

We offer a Pay Scale Checkup for 2018 that includes an
analysis of your pay structures and a one hour
consultation (on-site or via phone) to discuss our
analysis and address specific issues in your distribution
of salaries related to:
*Equal Pay.
*Anchor vs. Non-Anchor Jobs.
*Market Availability of Anchor Jobs.
*Market Rates and Benchmarks for Anchor Jobs.
*Financial Strategies for Rewarding A-Players.
*Non-Monetary Strategies for Rewarding A-Players.
*Compensating B-Players and Maintaining their Motivation.
*Pay Grade Differentiation Between Managers and Employees.

The Pay Scale Checkup is a one-time investment of $1,400.

If you are interested in learning more about our Pay Scale
Checkup, please contact the Member-Partner that is closest
to your geographic area.


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Predicting Employee Success

When it comes to predicting which employees will be
successful, many companies have used IQ scores, stress
interviews, personality tests, behavioral profiles,
simulations, and multiple other techniques.

Despite the use of these tools, there has not been any
single measure that has generated more than a 25%
probability of predicting success.

According to Harvard researcher, Shawn Achor, there are
three factors that when combined can produce a 75%
probability of predicting the success of an employee:

1. A person’s belief that his/her behavior matters.

2. A positive social support system.

3. A person’s view of a challenge as an impetus to improve
rather than stress to be avoided.

One of the keys to Achor’s approach to improving work and
personal relationships is the way a person views the
world. People who scan the environment for the negatives
tend to lose their energy for life. Achor notes that if
we can change the lens through which our brain filters
events, we can dramatically improve our energy,
productivity, and attitude.

HR POINTER: Managers have heard the old adage, “Hired for
experience, fired for attitude.” The fact is that
attitude matters.

As managers interview candidates, they would be well
advised to add to their interview repertoire questions and
interactive opportunities with other staff members to
better assess an applicant’s world view as “the glass half
full” or “the glass half empty.”

For additional resources and information on Achor’s ideas
for improving organizational performance, you can visit
his website at:


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