How The Urge To Succeed Prevents Success

To continue with my insights on the book by Marshall Goldsmith, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” this week I will be discussing the habit of: Winning Too Much.

Did you ever meet one of those managers who can’t wait to tell you how competitive he/she is?  It’s like this badge of honor that the manager wears that puts others on notice that he/she is someone to be reckoned with.

I believe in competition.  But, there is a line between being competitive and being overly competitive.  The overly competitive person is probably the one who has to destroy his/her 10 year old nephew in a pick-up game of basketball at a family picnic because the nephew was “the opponent.”  For those managers who argue too much, who put others down, who ignore others, who withhold information, who play favorites, etc., it’s usually about winning.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: When a manager’s urge to win trumps his/her commonsense, the manager has a problem. Ultimately, this urge to win is one of the factors that will cause the career of an already successful person to plateau.

We all need to recognize those times when “it’s not about me,” but rather “it’s about others.”  And when we create an environment for others to win, we win.

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