High Performers Watch How Low Performers are Treated

High-performing employees draw energy and ideas from the
people around them. They also lose energy and inspiration
from the same people and culture of the organization.

As such, the management and treatment of low-performing
employees and toxic employees will matter to high

When it comes to low-performers, the high-performers want
to make sure of the following:

#1 The company is not “looking the other way” which will
allow for mediocrity to be the performance norm.

#2 The company is actively and positively engaging these
employees to either raise their performance or show them
they belong somewhere else, without humiliating them.

An important cultural determinant of any company is the
manner in which it treats people at the end their
employment (i.e., resignation or involuntary termination)
and the treatment of poor-performers is part of this.

When it comes to the toxic employees, the high-performers
want to ensure that the good employees and the culture are
not unduly influenced by malcontents who do not care about
the company or its customers. As such, they look to see
how management corrects or exits such employee.

There are certainly advantages to providing various
perquisites to high-performers. However, we often forget
that the high-performers are just employees who are
concerned about how their coworkers are treated.


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