Happy Workers – A Competitive Advantage

The Conference Board does an annual survey of employee
happiness.  The survey that it completed earlier this year
showed employee happiness at its lowest point in 22 years.

Shortly after the Conference Board issued its findings, a
CNN survey reported that 84% of American workers were
unhappy with their positions.

With employee happiness at an all-time low, we have to
conclude that companies are only paying lip service to the
old adage, “Our employees are our most important asset.”

HR POINTER: Regardless of the economy, companies need to
find ways to engage their employees.

According to Good Think, Inc., whether you call it
happiness or engagement, a fully involved workforce can
have the following positive impact on a business:

*Raises sales by 37%.
*Increases productivity by 31%.
*Improves accuracy on tasks by 19%.

What company today wouldn’t want the competitive advantage
provided by the above results?

In order to achieve these ends, a company needs a
coordinated and integrated approach to job satisfaction
and employee relations.  One aspect of this approach
involves helping employees to become the best versions of

If you would like to read about our approach to this
employee self-improvement process, click on the link below
for our Personal Goal Planning Program:


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