Getting the Wrong People Off the Bus

As noted in last week’s blog, the book, “Good To Great,”
introduces the concept of “getting the right people on the
bus and the wrong people off the bus.”

But how do you “get the wrong people off the bus” for
legitimate performance and behavior reasons without
incurring a lawsuit?

For FY 2009, the EEOC reported that 93,277 individual
claims were filed against employers.  This number does not
include claims filed under state employment laws. 

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: In my experience, 85% of legal
issues related to employment are the result of
relationship failures characterized by poor communication.

When employees don’t receive their “day in court” with the
company, they seek it through the legal system.

Let us show you our structured process for Disciplinary
Action, Performance Improvement, and Behavior Change that
minimizes employment-related lawsuits.

We are announcing a Disciplinary Action, Performance
Improvement, and Behavior Change webinar:
DAY: Tuesday
DATE: June 8, 2010
TIME: 1:00 PM Eastern Time
DURATION: Up to 2 hours with Q&A

NON-MEMBER INVESTMENT: $79.00 USD Per Participant
MEMBER INVESTMENT: $49.00 USD Per Participant

In this Program, you will learn:
**A non-threatening way to open a difficult dialogue.
**A tool for keeping the focus on behavior, not you.
**Interpersonal Do’s that promote positive communication.
**Interpersonal Don’ts that reduce tension.
**What you can say and what you can’t say.
**Importance of the Consequences Speech.
**Reasons for using specific and direct language.
**The 3-step formula for eliminating employee anger.
**The psychological tools for gaining employee acceptance.

Each participant in this Program will receive via email
the following documents and templates to use:
-Conversational Facts
-Interpersonal Do’s and Don’ts
-Reflective listening techniques
-Issues Resolution Worksheet & Sample
-Open-Heart Conversation Format & Script
-Supervisors Confidential Disciplinary Action Checklist
-Employee Counseling Record Form
-Reasons people are fired
-Other documents reviewed during the presentation.

If you are interested in participating, please send me an
email expressing your interest and I will forward you a
link to join us or a regret if the webinar is filled.
Attendance is limited to 15 people.

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