Getting the Right People On the Bus

In the book, “Good To Great,” the author, Jim Collins,
describes 3 stages of transforming a company from good to
great.  In the Disciplined People stage, Collins
introduces the concept of “getting the right people on the
bus and the wrong ones off the bus.”

Interviewing is a process of “getting the right people on
the bus.”

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: The #1 hiring mistake that managers
make is the over-reliance on the face-to-face interaction
in the interview to determine which candidate to hire.

Rather than assessing a person’s ability to DO the job,
this #1 hiring mistake only judges the candidate’s ability
to GET the job. 

In our program, “Secrets to Hiring Success,” we resolve
the #1 hiring mistake and multiple other interview
problems by providing managers with a specifically
structured process.  See the link below for details about
our program:

On Tuesday, May 25, 2010, at 1:00 PM Eastern Time, we are
sponsoring a free 1-hour webinar for anyone interested in
learning more about our interviewing process.

We specifically limit the size of our webinar groups to 15
people in order to promote the free-flow of comments and
questions from the audience and we request only 1 person
from each company.

If you are interested in participating, please send me an
email expressing your interest and I will forward you a
link to join us or a regret if the webinar is filled.

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