Get The Basics Right, And All Else Falls Into Place

At a recent seminar that I was conducting on motivating employees, I was asked, “What was your secret in growing the former business that you owned from 35 employees in the Philadelphia area to over 450 employees in 10 states in 7 years?”

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Get the basics of the employment relationship right and everything else will fall into place.

I used a simple philosophy and that is:

  • Create a compensation and benefits package for employees that is competitive with the external labor market. (i.e., as close to the 90th percentile of the market for your most experienced workers as you can afford)
  • Establish clear expectations of performance and monitor, monitor, monitor.
  • Don’t apologize for people working hard because that’s what the competitive salary and benefit programs are for.
  • Create a reward system that allows ALL employees to participate in the successes of the organization, and not just financial successes.
  • Create an organizational culture (written and unwritten practices and policies) that supports the philosophy of “A Great Place To Work.”
  • Practice what you preach.
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.

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