Frequently Asked Questions About Our Human Resource Management Solutions

How many employees should a company have in order to need professional Human Resource (HR) services?
ANSWER:  Depending on the state that you operate in, just having 1 employee may obligate to you comply with certain legislation.  Our Member-Partners work with clients that range from 2 to 200 employees.

What is the cost for an initial visit to my business?
ANSWER: Free.  The first visit is an exploratory session to assess your HR needs.  Based on the results of the visit, a Member-Partner would submit a proposal to you if you had an interest in establishing a relationship.

Must I commit to engaging a Member-Partner for a minimum number of hours per week or per month?

ANSWER: No.  A Member-Partner will offer an on-call or an on-site relationship, which is determined by you based on the size of your business and your plans for growth.  As your company’s size fluctuates up or down, the relationship can expand and condense as well.

What is the difference between an on-call and on-site arrangement?
ANSWER: In an on-call arrangement, you call our Member-Partner whenever you need him/her.  With an on-site arrangement, the Member-Partner is in your office on an agreed upon weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule performing HR functions that your exiting staff is not equipped to handle.

What is the investment if I wanted to join your Business Membership Program?
ANSWER:  The investment to be part of the Membership Program for a company with less than 200 employees is $495.00 per year.

How much would I be charged per phone call if I was part of the Membership Program and I needed an answer to a HR question?
ANSWER: Zero.  We do not “nickel and dime” their clients.  We offer to you an unlimited number of calls per day for HR emergencies.

What are the benefits of the Business Membership Program?
  • A free 180-question HR Assessment.
  • A quarterly no-charge 30-minute phone consultation.
  • Unlimited, no-charge phone calls and emails for your HR questions and emergencies.
  • Substantial savings on products, services, and consulting from 20% to 40%.
  • Two weekly information emails: an HR Tip-of-the-Week and a HR Legal/Compliance email.

How will you determine my HR needs?
ANSWER:  A HR Assessment.  We will determine your HR needs by completing our proprietary 180-question Assessment and submitting a confidential 15 to 20 page report to you for your consideration.  This valuable report will assess various baseline legal and HR compliance issues and is your report to keep whether or not you engage a Member-Partner.

What is the cost of the HR Assessment?
ANSWER:  Free for companies in our Membership Program.  As such, the time we spend completing the Assessment, preparing the report, and reviewing the report with you is all part of establishing a long-term relationship.  For non-member companies, there is an investment required as completion of the Assessment can require a commitment of 5 hours or more depending on the size of your business.

What will be my investment to engage a Member-Partner?
ANSWER: It is very reasonable.  Our organization is not one of those “ivory tower” consultancies that charge staggering hourly rates just so the Member-Partners can maintain their high-rent offices and lifestyles.  Since the majority of our work is done at client locations, our Member-Partners do not have a need for offices.  Additionally, our Member-Partners are small business people just like our clients.  As such, we understand the need to provide quality advice at competitive rates.  As a general rule, our rates are substantially lower than the prices charged by your Accountant or Attorney.

Do I need to sign a written contract?
ANSWER:  No.  Our contract is a handshake.  The relationship between a client and a Member-Partner is based on trust and mutual respect.  As such, it is our policy to offer CEOs and Business Owners the flexibility to end a HR service immediately with just a phone call.

Do you offer more than HR services?
ANSWER:  No.  Our business philosophy is specialization.  We have rejected multiple opportunities to provide payroll services, benefits, insurance, COBRA administration, 401(k) plans, etc.  Additionally, we reject all arrangements with outside vendors for commissions, finder’s fees, or residuals on products that we recommend.  You will never need to be suspect about whether a recommendation from one of our Member-Partner’s is truly based on your needs or the lure of non-disclosed commissions.

Finally, we are not part of that group of companies that try to sell clients on bundled services, which are almost impossible to figure out what you are really paying for.  We do one thing and only one thing – HR and the application of state-of-the-art HR to protect your assets and improve your business.

Why can’t my Controller or Office Manager do what you do?
ANSWER: The truth of the matter is that any person with a good HR background and experience, who maintains a current membership in a professional HR association and who actively engages in continuing education including ongoing education relative to changes in state and federal laws, can do HR.  Realistically, does a Controller or Office Manager have the time or the interest to stay current in the HR profession and perform his/her other responsibilities on a daily basis?

Our Partners:
  • Have an average of 15+ years of progressive HR experience.
  • Maintain an active membership in the national HR association of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).
  • Have a designation of Certified Member in Human Resources (CMHR).

What does the CMHR designation mean?
ANSWER:  Over the years, we have developed an extensive array of proprietary HR tools and templates specifically designed to meet the entrepreneurial needs of the small to mid-sized business (SMB) market.  If you view the Products/Services section of our website, you will find a description of some of the major products and services that we offer.  What you will not see is the specialized tools and templates that we have created, which allow our Member-Partners to focus on the implementation of actionable HR tactics that get results, rather than generate reams of paper.

The CMHR designation means that each one of our Member-Partners has completed our extensive certification program and participates in our on-going continuing education.

How would you work with us if I have a person designated as the HR Manager?
ANSWER:  In at least 30% of our accounts, there is a person designated as HR Coordinator, Recruiter, or HR Manager.  Many small businesses understand the importance of having a person designated to represent the HR function.  We would not want to see that person removed from his/her job.  Our role would be supplemental in that we would provide the higher level HR expertise and HR tools that that person may be lacking while working in conjunction with that individual to implement our HR programs.

In some of these instances, the people in these positions may not be performing as effectively as desired by senior management.  As such, we can take over management of the Human Resources Department to ensure that it meets nationally acceptable benchmarked standards for recruiting quality candidates, for promoting positive employee relations, for complying with state and federal labor laws, etc.

How will I know when it is more cost effective to hire my own in-house HR Manager?
ANSWER:  As a rule of thumb, if you need one of our Member-Partners on-site more than 20 hours a week, then it is time to consider hiring your own full-time HR Manager.