Failing To Give Recognition

To continue with my insights on the book by Marshall
Goldsmith, “What Got You Here Won’t Get You There,” this
week I will be discussing the habit of: Failing To Give

When I discuss recognition with most managers, they often
think of monetary rewards.  Unfortunately, managers who
are not good at saying, “thank you,” often feel that they
have done their jobs in recognizing employees when they
give bonus checks.  Monetary rewards are just the tip of
the recognition iceberg.  We humans are social beings.  As
such, we value recognition that enhances our relationships
and money does not do that.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: The three most important jobs of a
manager are:
– Be a source of positive reinforcement.
– Create opportunities for reinforcement.
– Have the ability to pinpoint behaviors & results.

In writing job descriptions for managers, I place these 3
functions at the top of the list.  If a manager has the
ability to pinpoint desired behaviors and results for
his/her employees, then the manager has the mechanism to
“catch people doing good things” and provide them with the
intangible recognition (e.g., verbal praise, a handwritten
note of thanks, public recognition at a meeting, etc.)
that they crave.

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