Entrepreneurial ADD

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a serious condition
affecting children and adults.  My intention here is not
to minimize this serious condition or make light of it.

However, I have observed situations involving many owners
of businesses where the only logical explanation of an
owner’s behavior is what I call Entrepreneurial ADD.

As I have classified it from a non-clinical perspective,
Entrepreneurial ADD is a condition of uncontrolled
meddling into the jobs of employees and a pattern of
inconsistence behaviors that destroy the morale of
dedicated employees.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: If you are a business owner who has
to jump-in to “save” a job or execute an order, then you
may have Entrepreneurial ADD.

Whenever I have seen an owner jump-in to “help-out,” I
have often seen the owner sidestep the operational
guidelines that he/she has setup and/or make special
deals that everyone else has to live with.  The negative
impact of such owner-behavior can be devastating on the

If you truly can’t control yourself and let your employees
do the jobs they were hired for, then maybe you have a
clinical ADD issue.  Otherwise, I would recommend hiring a
business consultant that can help you focus on the systems
and processes of your organization.

The true mark of a manager is how well the business runs
when he/she is not around.

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