Employees Winning More Employment Law Cases

I read a report last week that quoted 2 statistics from an
organization called Jury Verdict Research regarding
employment lawsuits.

Stat #1: The median jury verdict of $147,500 in 2006 rose
in 2007 to $252,000, which is an increase of over 70%.

Stat #2: Cases won by employees rose by over 13% from 2006
to 2007.

As such, not only are employees winning more cases, but
juries are awarding employees more money.  That sounds
like a double whammy to me.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: You have heard the old saying in
the retail industry that the 3 secrets to success are
location, location, location.  Well, in the employment law
arena, the 3 secrets are process, process, process.

In my FREE white paper, Open-Heart Conversations
(http://www.hrcontrarian.com/white_papers/), I have
outlined a process for disciplinary action as well as
noted an opinion as to cause of most employment

If your responsibilities include counseling employees
relative to behavior change, performance improvement, or
disciplinary action, I’d recommend reviewing the
guidelines outlined in this white paper.

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