Employees Want More Money Or Else…

In January 2018, the job site, Indeed, conducted a survey
of employees across the U.S. to see what exactly workers
want in terms of pay and how they intend to discuss it.

Survey Results:

**19% of respondents were comfortable with their
current salary.

**60% of employees said they wanted at least an
additional $6,000 to be satisfied with their current

**47% said they would either definitely or possibly ask
for a raise this year, and nearly half of those
respondents plan on asking for a 6% to 10% increase.

**40% of employees said they want higher pay to combat the
high cost of living.

**60% said they simply want more money based on their

**40% noted they have recently been given extra
responsibilities, but no raise.

**20% believe they are underpaid compared to their

**54% of employees would consider changing jobs if that
meant a pay increase with the main reason being how long
it’s been since their last salary increase, which averaged
17 months.

**68% of employees would be willing to accept more
benefits in the place of a salary increase with the most
popular benefits being:
*Healthcare benefits.
*Flexible work hours.
*More holiday leave.

With the majority of survey respondents dissatisfied with
their pay and considering leaving just to get more money,
a lot of “tribal knowledge” may end up walking out the

As such, now would be a good time to consider creating
a competitive compensation program at least for your
key employees.


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