Employees Desire Closer Connections to Companies

In my blog last week, I talked about retention issues that
were noted in the 2009 Spherion Emerging Workforce
Employer Survey.

This survey also highlighted a cultural shift that has
been noticed in businesses over the past 10 years.

This shift has to do with employees seeking greater
(1) connections to their organizations’ mission statements
and (2) alignment of their personal values with those of
their companies.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: It comes as no surprise that
employees want more connectedness to companies.

We all want to be connected to or identified with
organizations that we can be proud of, such as sports
teams, service clubs, professional groups, businesses,
etc.  In fact, the survey found that 75% of workers agree
that their jobs mean more to them than just a way to earn
a living.

The challenge that a company faces is (1) to clearly
communicate its mission statement and values to employees
and (2) to create a culture that makes the mission and
values come to life.

To view some case studies of clients that we have helped
bring mission and values to life, click on the link below:

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