Employees – Dead When You Hired Them Or Did You Kill Them?

Whenever I speak with a client about a problem employee,
one of my favorite questions is, “Was the person dead when
you hired him, or did you kill him?”

When it comes to employee performance, there are 2
scenarios that occur about 95% of the time which are
controllable and 1 scenario that occurs about 5% of the
time which is uncontrollable:
1. Inadequate Hiring System – Controllable
2. Organizational Culture Deficiencies – Controllable
3. Employee Personal Problems – Uncontrollable.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Work on the systems that you can
control and setup a performance monitoring system to
identify the uncontrollable as soon as it occurs.

A company’s first line of defense to getting great
employees is the hiring process.  If you are interested in
a hiring process that improves your hiring success to over
80%, then download the first 5 chapters of my book
“Secrets To Hiring Success” at

The second line of defense is the organizational culture
that a company establishes via its Employment Branding
Process.  View my recommendations for a performance-driven
Employment Branding Process at

Finally, there are numerous personal issues that can
negatively affect an employee’s performance.  Management
cannot control the external issues.  However, management
can setup a performance monitoring system that can detect
deviations before they get out of hand.  View my Process
Program for easily detecting and correcting
deviations in performance.

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