Employee Manual

Thinking about creating or updating an Employee Manual for your organization?

If you are a busy executive who doesn’t have the time to read through an Employee Manual template, interpret the instructions, and retype the template to fit your business, one of our Member-Partners has your solution.  Our Member-Partner can prepare an Employee Manual for you.

The advantage that we provide to clients in small and mid-sized businesses is that our attorney-approved Manual is specifically written for smaller organizations that are concerned with having cost-effective policies that still offer employees a great place to work.

Our Manual is not a Fortune 500 Manual downsized for smaller companies.  Our Manual was specifically written to address the needs and cost concerns of the small and mid-sized business market.

The process for producing an Employee Manual consists of:

  1. A 30 to 60 minute initial consultation to get to know your organization and find out your preferences and current policies relative to vacation, holidays, sick days, overtime, etc.
  2. A review of any existing Manual that you may have, as well as any written and unwritten policies that are unique to your business.
  3. Preparation of the first draft of the Manual begins with the inclusions of any specific request to meet the needs of your business.
  4. The first draft is emailed to you with a follow-up consultation to review each page.
  5. Corrections/changes are made to the first draft and a second draft is emailed to you.  Another consultation is scheduled to review the corrections/changes to the 2nd draft.
  6. Corrections/changes are made to 2nd draft, and if a 3rd draft is not needed, the Manual is finalized and emailed to you.

Since the Employee Manual is produced in Microsoft Word, you can make any future changes to the Manual as needed in the future without having to re-engage a Member-Partner.

To receive a PDF of our “Reasons for an Employee Manual,” which lists the pros and cons of Employee Manuals and/or to receive a sample of the Table of Contents for our Employee Manual Template, contact a Member-Partner in your area or our corporate offices.