Employee Conflicts Occupy 18% of a Manager’s Time

A recent survey by Accounttemps asked managers, “What
percentage of management time is wasted resolving staff
personality conflicts?”

The average response was that 18% of a manager’s time was
spent handling employee interpersonal disputes.

In essence, there is an average of 7 hours a week that the
typical manager spends dealing with such conflicts.

HR POINTER:  If managers lose an average of 7 hours per
week dealing with such issues, just imagine the combined
productivity loses of the employees themselves who are
parties to the conflicts.

The best method for resolving these disputes is to prevent
them from ever getting started by:
1. Eliminating the malcontents.
2. Addressing issues as soon as they arise.
3. Establishing clear responsibilities and expectations.
4. Recognizing positive behaviors.
5. Becoming a role model for your employees.

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