Employee Appreciation: Water the Flowers if You Want Them to Grow

Stephen Covey is quoted as saying, “You have to water the
flowers you want to grow.” Covey wasn’t referring to
gardening but rather to employees.

“There’s a big difference between getting people to come
to work and getting them to do their best work.” says Bob
Nelson, the unofficial founder of Employee Appreciation

Studies by Gallup illustrate that recognition is highly
correlated to improved employee engagement with both the
employee’s work and the organization.

In contrast, business units within organizations with
higher-than-average levels of engagement enjoy higher
productivity, lower turnover, increased profitability, and
increased customer satisfaction.

According to research by Willis Towers Watson,
organizations that have a “culture of recognition” have
employees who report they are:
*Five times more likely to feel valued,

*Six times more likely to invest in the company,

*Seven times more likely to stay with the company, and

*Eleven times more likely to feel completely committed in
their jobs.

HR POINTER: There can be a disconnect between the type of
appreciation employees want and what their managers think
they want.

Managers often rank promotions and cash bonuses as the
two most effective ways of recognizing employee
accomplishments. However, workers say they prefer an
in-person thank-you or having a job well done reported to
senior management.

Using a combination of monetary and non-monetary
recognition programs can be an effective way to recognize
and appreciate employees. For an overview of Monetary and
Non-Monetary Recognition Programs, view the link below:


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