Does More Knowledge Mean Better Performance?

Almost everyone is an advocate of training.  As a result,
billions of dollars are spent, and unfortunately wasted,
annually on training.

There are two types of training:
1. General Knowledge – Nice to know information that is
helpful in “rounding out” the person.

2. Business Specific Knowledge – Important procedural
and/or behavioral information that improves individual and
organizational results.

Many companies confuse these two types of training.

HR POINTER: Better performance is not about gaining more
knowledge, but rather executing on the business specific
knowledge necessary to drive the business.  As such,
improvement in business results should be driven by
training specifically designed to improve the desired

The missing element in most training programs is
reinforcement.  Training without reinforcement, even
business specific training, is a waste of time and money.

Research on sales training has shown that close to 85% of
skills learned in class are lost within 30 days of the
session unless management provides reinforcement of those

If you are thinking about providing training to your
employees, you owe it to yourself to (1) identify the
specific results expected from the training, (2) ensure
that the program provides those skills and (3) identify a
methodology for management to reinforce those skills after
the session.

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