Do You Add Value to Your Company?

How do you know if your work is helping to add value to your company?

Most of us have asked this question at some point in our careers.  Some of us have found ourselves in jobs that we think aren’t important and are just busy work.

No one job is inherently more or less valuable than another.  From the Boiler Room to the Board Room, each job is important and has the potential to add value.

The key is to determine what your company values and how you can “connect the dots” between your job and what the company feels is important.

For example, let’s say you work in Customer Service.  Your job is to answer calls from customers who have questions about the company’s products or services.  How does that add value?

If you do your job well, and can help customers get what they need, they will be more likely to continue to do business with your organization and buy additional products or services – You’ve just impacted the bottom line and added value.

HR POINTER: It is critical that a manager help an employee understand the value that he/she brings to a company.

One way to do this is to show an employee the “line of sight” between his/her job responsibilities and how they financially impact the organization.

We have a specific section of our Comprehensive Job Description Program that is called Organizational Impact.

This Organizational Impact section offers a 3-step process for creating that “line of sight.”

Here is an example:

Step #1 (Job Duty) Completion of the daily cash flow report

Step #2 (What is the Impact) Affects the profitability of the company

Step #3 (How it Impacts) By limiting the amount of cash we need to borrow on a daily basis which minimizes interest expenses and improves the bottom line.

In the creation of an organizational impact statement for each job responsibility, we utilize an employee-friendly P&L Statement which helps employees visualize the importance of each task to the business.

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One Response to Do You Add Value to Your Company?

  1. Beyond a job description, I recommend a “Blueprint for Success\” to be signed by the selected candidate and the employer before an offer can be formally accepted.

    1. Role – big picture mission, why this hiring decision is being made.
    2. Responsiblilities – more specifc expectations and deliverable
    3. Resources – what will be provided by the employer to achieve the objectives in number 2.
    4. Rewards – everyone\’s favorite. Include plans for future advancement, compensation, etc.

    This is NOT an employment contract, rather a letter of understanding to make sure employer and potentential empllyee are on the same page BEFORE the start date.

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