Do What Scares You

An article in “Sales & Marketing Management” by business
strategist, Dan Waldschmidt, was written with salespeople
as the target audience but it is great advice for all

Waldschmidt’s article is titled, “Do What Scares You the
Most.” In the article, Waldschmidt offers the following

*Admit when you get it wrong.

*Invest in your long-term success.

*Make the call you are afraid to make.

*Spend the money you are afraid to spend.

*Fire the client that robs you of your joy.

*Share your concerns when you are concerned.

*Challenge the “facts” that are in front of you.

*Demand civility, even when name-calling is easier.

*Denounce pettiness and passive aggressive behavior.

*Ask the question you don’t really want an answer to.

*Stand up for those who can’t do it for themselves.

HR POINTER: As Waldschmidt notes in his article, the best
parts of life are scary. However, being scared is not an
acceptable excuse for being the person you should be.

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