Do 360 Reviews the Right Way

The term, 360 Review, comes from the fact that a key
employee is reviewed by peers, subordinates, superiors,
and customers.  These 4 groups “surround” the key
employee’s work environment and are considered to be the
individuals who can give an accurate assessment of the
employee from all sides – 360 degrees.

A traditional 360 Review uses a 5-point or a 10-point
numerical rating scale with questions such as:
*Is Trustworthy?
*Listens Effectively?
*Communicates Openly?
*Treats People Fairly?
*Sets Clear Direction?

On a 5-point scale, the key employee will receive a score
such as 3.87, 4.25, or another numerical average from
1 to 5.  But what does a score such as 3.75 really mean?

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Traditional 360 Reviews suffer from
the same problem that numerically rating performance
evaluations do – the numbers are meaningless unless you
understand the specific thoughts of the raters.

Our 360 Review program is completely different.  We DO NOT
use any numerical scale.  Our process is:

1. We personally conduct confidential interviews with each
rater using 10 factors that represent the full range of
job responsibilities.

2. We compile the interview results and rewrite the
various statements to protect the anonymity of the raters
but still capturing the essence of their intentions.

3. We have the key employee complete a behavioral
assessment tool and conduct a self-evaluation using the 10

4. We meet with the key employee to review the results and
discuss changes.

We have found that key employees who go through our
360 Review process have a better understanding of the
impact of their behavior and the need for change, as
opposed to some numerical scale that is open to

If you would like a copy of our 10 Review Factors, send me
an email with the words “360 Reviews” in the subject line
and I will be happy to send you our Factors.

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