Creating High-Performance Work Environments

If you aren’t managing employee behaviors and performance,
your strategic direction is being undermined and you are
not managing your brand.

Unfortunately for many companies, the patterns of
behavior, incentives, and internal systems are driving the
strategy and deliver the marketing brand promises to
customers, rather than the other way around.

Employees don’t behave and perform the way we want just
because we provide them with a copy of our mission
statement and put up some fancy posters with words like
“Teamwork” or “Perseverance.”

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: The key to creating a
high-performance work environment is for management to
clearly define the How Factors.

The How Factors are the behavior and performance
expectations that employees are trained to execute and
that management will monitor and recognize accordingly.

Well documented Marketing, Operations, and Customer
Service How Factors leave no room for employees who want
to do it their way.

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