Consultants Thrive in Difficult Economy

CNBC published a special report on 9/30/11 in which
Your Part-Time HR Manager, LLC was used as one of the
sources for the article.

The article was titled, “Consultants Thriving as
Businesses Struggle to Survive.”  The entire article can
be found at the link below.

One of the key takeaways from the CNBC article was the
story by business owner, Nancy Shenker.  Shenker described
how a consultant helped turn around her business and the
role that job descriptions played in the revival of her

HR POINTER: The fundamental building block of the
employment relationship is the job description.  However,
we are not referring to your father’s job description.

When most people hear the term job description, their
eyes glaze over because they are familiar the traditional,
say-nothing job descriptions.

When we talk about job descriptions, we are referring to
our standards-based job descriptions, which include
performance expectations for each responsibility.

For an overview of our job description program, visit our
website via the link below:

CNBC Article:

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