Human Resource Consulting: A Career With Job Security

“It’s A 1099-World”…

Economic indicators have revealed that the Great Recession officially ended in the summer of 2009.  However, for Human Resource (HR) professionals, the recession is ongoing, as finding a HR position in the New Economy is tougher than ever.

Businesses of all sizes are rethinking their operating models and cost structures as demand patterns for their products and services have changed.  The concept of investing heavily in core competencies and outsourcing non-core competencies has suddenly taken on new meaning as companies attempt to radically reduce costs.

One of the ideal services to outsource is HR.  As such, we are at the forefront of the outsourcing wave, which is most needed among small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in order to compete with larger companies.   Therefore, our recommendation is to become an HR consultant and capitalize on this trend.

The immediate advantage of starting your own consulting firm is that rather than “placing all your eggs in one basket” as a W-2 employee, you distribute your “eggs” among “multiple baskets” as a 1099 consultant to prevent any one client from ever decimating your income and job security.

In our consulting model, we will teach you how to secure regular monthly income from 10 to 20 SMBs.

However, for all the wonderful advantages of consulting, creating job security in the HR consulting business requires more than launching a website, buying some business cards, and declaring yourself “open for business.”

Our recommendation is that if you are serious about becoming an HR consultant and taking charge of your career, consider the opportunities that are available to you by becoming a Member-Partner in our organization.

As such, please take a moment to view our website tab labeled, “About Consulting,” and review the benefits of joining our organization.