Our Business Model

We recommend to our Member-Partners that they operate a consulting practice referred to as a Retainer Model.  As such, a Member-Partner using our model will typically distribute his/her services over 10 to 20 clients.

Some people have looked at our model and expressed concern as to the difficulty of juggling one or two dozen clients.  The truth is that it is easier than you think.  We personally operate such a model and have found it to be relatively “recession proof” as it avoids the income peaks and valleys associated with project-based consulting and it removes the fear of losing a client.  In all honesty, the toughest part will be trying to attend 10 to 20 summer picnics and holiday parties as clients view you as an employee of their organizations.

Additionally, we have been asked about the difficulty of securing that many client accounts.  In addressing such concerns, we often ask, “Do you think it is easier to get 1 client to pay you $100,000 a year or 10 clients to each pay you $10,000 per year?”