Boiling Frog Phenomenon

Scientists have conducted experiments where they put a
frog in a pan of cold water and turned up the heat.  As
the temperature of the water began to rise, the frog
continued to stay in the pan while adjusting its body
temperature to the temperature of the water.

Unfortunately for the frog, there came a tipping point
where its adaptation to the environment caused the death
of the frog.

This is a case of sensory adaptation that has
applicability to business.  In the current economic
environment, many businesses are hunkering-down like the
frog and failing to realize how hot the water is getting.

Oh sure, we all know how difficult it is to meet expenses
and we know the trauma of laying-off employees, but that’s
just sensory adaptation like the frog.  What are we doing
to attack the source of the problem and ensure our

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Rather than being paralyzed by the
economic environment, I recommend:
1. Engage your employees in creative efforts to find new
revenue streams and reduce expenses.
2. Increase your communications to customers and
3. Aggressively measure 3 things: Cash, Customer
Satisfaction, and Employee Satisfaction.

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