Bogus Harassment Excuse #9: I Don’t Like Him

Employees offer an array of creative excuses when trying
to defend their actions in what is known as a hostile work
environment harassment case. 

Here is excuse #9 of the top 10 excuses:
“I don’t like him.”

It often happens that two people just don’t get along. 
However, when “not getting along” leads to overt actions
that can be classified as abuse or harassment, managers
need to act.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: From a purely legal perspective,
unless animosity is targeted at someone who is a member of
a protected group such as gender, race, age, etc., there
is no basis for an EEOC-type harassment claim.

However, this is not to say that management does not have
an obligation to ensure that the personal animosity of one
or two people does not poison the work environment and/or
create a situation that is so pervasive that a civil court
of law would side with the victim of the abuse.

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