Bogus Harassment Excuse #6: She Asked For It

Employees offer an array of creative excuses when trying
to defend their actions in what is known as a hostile work
environment harassment case. 

Here is excuse #6 of the top 10 excuses:
“She asked for it.”

This is sometimes the defense that is heard in rape cases. 
The argument goes that a woman’s words, actions, and/or
attire were so provocative that she did every thing but
ask to be treated in a particular fashion.

I’ve often heard this same lame defense in sexual
harassment cases.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: There is nothing management can do
to absolutely prevent some weirdo from crossing the line
that 99%+ of the rest of the population doesn’t cross.

However, it is up to managers to set the example in the
workplace and assertively address behaviors and dress
codes that may have unintended consequences.

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