Bereavement – What To Say, What To Do, What Not To Say

Just about every company has some sort of bereavement or
funeral leave policy. But beyond the paid time off of a
company’s policy is a person (i.e., an employee) who may
be struggling with the pain of losing a loved one while
trying to regain some sense of normalcy in his/her
personal and worklife.

The problem is that the grieving process is not “normal”
and it often results in lapses of responsibilities and
other issues at work. Additionally, those of us who work
with the grieving person often struggle with how to
interact with the person after his/her loss.

Jonathan A. Segal, Parnter at the law firm of Duane
Morris, published an article recently titled,
“Managing People: What Do You Do When an Employee
Loses a Loved One?”

The article offers 8 recommendations of things to do, not
do, say, not say, etc. when interacting with an employee
who has lost a loved one.

Below is the link that provides access to the article:


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