Bench Strength

We’ve all heard the old adage, “May the best team win.”
But what makes a team the “best?”

Why does one team make it to the Super Bowl while another
team does not? And how does this relate to your business?

Winning teams don’t just happen. It takes planning and
commitment to create a winner. Teams and businesses must
plan for the future and the eventual changes that will

A football team that wins the Super Bowl one year and
doesn’t make the payoffs the following year as a result of
player losses is a great example of an organization with
no bench strength.

In other words, there wasn’t an effective planning process
that developed the skills in the people who “rode the
bench” to lead the team the following year.

HR POINTER: Having a strong team today doesn’t insure that
you’ll have a strong team tomorrow. Bench strength is a
strategic concern for every business, and a key component
to that strategy is succession planning.

Don’t focus solely on your current key performers; work on
identifying and developing your future “starters.”

For an overview of the 5 stages of effective Succession
Planning, view the link below:


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