Become An Evaluation Teammate, Not Critic

If you would like to view an interesting 4 minute video
titled, “Tips on Dealing with a Poor Performer,” click on
the link below:

This is a video of a UCLA Professor, Dr. Samuel Culbert,
discussing how managers can get better performance from

One of the key themes that Dr. Culbert advances in this
video is that the manager needs to become a teammate with
the employee, rather than a critic when assessing employee

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: My Process Evaluation Program is
all about moving the manager into the teammate role.  The
continuous improvement component of the Process Evaluation
is specifically designed for this mutual exploration of
ways to improve an employee’s performance.

Between this video and my last blog post with a link to a
Wall Street Journal article, I’m sure that you are
thinking that I paid Dr. Culbert to produce this material
to promote my Process Evaluation Program.  Well, sometimes
you just get lucky I guess.

Here’s the link to my Employee Process Evaluation Program
if you want to read more about it.

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