Basic Human Resource Forms And Posters

Whether your business is an established operation or a start-up, you need a core set of Human Resource (HR) forms and documents to be in compliance with various state and federal laws and to protect the assets of the business.

Below is our recommended list of essential forms for any small to mid-sized business that our Member-Partners will typically implement to help their clients protect their assets.

1) Application for Employment
This 4-page Application for Employment is a critical element when hiring an employee into any position from Laborer to Executive.  This Application is designed to protect your organization by providing:

  • A written release and hold-harmless statement for your organization and its agents from gathering information (e.g., employment references, driving record, etc.) about a candidate.
  • A written release and hold-harmless statement for outside organizations and their agents who provide information about a candidate.
  • Critical questions about prior non-compete and non-solicitation agreements for which your organization can be held liable if not disclosed and addressed.
  • A list of the ramifications on a candidate’s employment as a result of false information, misrepresentations, and/or omissions that occur during the pre-employment process.
  • A preliminary agreement for background checks and drug and alcohol screening.
  • A notification that as a condition of employment an employee will be required to sign a Confidentiality and/or a Non-Compete Agreement, if your firm uses one.
  • And much more…

2) Employee Counseling Record
Whenever a supervisor counsels an employee to improve behavior, comply with policies, improve productivity, etc., this basic form will memorialize the meeting.  In the event of a subsequent termination of an employee for any reason, it is important to have documentation such as this in an employee’s file.

3) Employee Personal Data

This is a confidential form containing important personal identity information about an employee that is valuable information when preparing census information for insurance quotes, verifying insurance information, filling out Workers Comp forms, completing EEO reports, etc.

4) Employee Status Change
This form is an absolute must as a formal document for a supervisor to record any change in an employee’s status such as a promotion, a merit increase, etc.  This completed form is placed in an employee’s permanent record and a copy of the form is sent to Payroll.  As these forms accumulate in an employee’s file, they provide an invaluable historical record that can be reviewed when issues arise.  This form also provides the “checks & balances” to ensure that higher levels of management have approved various employment actions.

5) Employment Links
This document provides money savings links to websites to download FREE Employment Forms (I-9, W-4, W-9) and FREE required State & Federal Employment Posters.

6) Exit Interview
Everyone is interested in opinion surveys today.  And what better way to gather important information about your organization, than an exit interview with an employee who has resigned.  Usually, an employee on his/her way “out the door” tends to be more forthcoming than people who are still employed.  As such, this form takes advantage of this inclination to “speak openly” by providing 15 critical questions that can help you improve the management skills of a supervisor and the performance of your organization.

7) Offer Letter
This Offer Letter is designed to protect your company.  It addresses 15 specific issues that could adversely impact a candidate’s future employment, such as:

  • A specific date by which the offer expires if not accepted in writing.
  • A confirmation of the at-will employment arrangement.
  • An official signed acceptance by the candidate on page 2 of the Offer Letter, which contains invaluable statements to protect your company relative to references, prior restrictive covenants, etc.
  • A listing of documents that must be signed for employment to continue.
  • A list of reasons that the offer can be rescinded even after the person starts work.
  • And much more…

As we are all aware in today’s business environment, things change rapidly due to the economy, reorganizations, acquisitions, etc.  As such, if your Offer Letter does not state that the employment offer is a conditional offer and does not reference the issues that may have a negative impact on a candidate’s future employment, your company may have civil law exposure with regard to the contingencies that could negatively impact the employment of a new hire.

8 ) Orientation & Departure Checklist

This is a customizable checklist of 40 critical items to review with a new employee during his/her first days on the job.  Issues such as assignment of keys, passwords, business cards, phone extension, I-9 verification, etc. are all listed on this sheet to be checked-off as they are completed.  This list also becomes an invaluable tool for ensuring the return of company property and for terminating various access codes and passwords when an employee leaves your organization.

9) Wage & Hour Salary Exemption Test

One of the biggest problems in small businesses is the misclassification of employees as Exempt from Overtime, when in reality the employee should have been classified as Non-Exempt.  An improper classification could set-up an employer for a 3 year back pay award if an employee files a claim with the state or federal Department of Labor.  This form provides you with the test for classifying an employee as Exempt.  All employees who do not pass this test should be classified as Non-Exempt and therefore eligible to receive overtime.

10) Workers Compensation Illness & Accident Report

This form is an absolute must for capturing information from an employee and from any witnesses to a Workers Compensation injury or illness situation.

To receive information about our HR forms, contact a Member-Partner in your area or our corporate offices.