Attract and Retain A-Players

I recently had a conversation with a CEO who was on his 3rd round of interviews for a Director of Marketing position for his 75-employee manufacturing firm. He was upset by the fact that he was looking to hire an A-Player to run his Marketing Department, but was unsuccessful in attracting good candidates. And of the 2 good candidates that he did find, they were not interested in the position.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: Real A-Players want to work for real A- Companies. And they want the money, benefits, responsibility, and autonomy that confirms their A-Level status and that will allow them to build their resume.

As this CEO and I discussed his organization, I got him to realize the following:

  • His compensation for the position was 25% below the market in general and 50% below what A-Players receive.
  • His employee benefits package was not competitive with his industry or his geographic area.
  • The responsibilities of the position consisted of activities that would be assigned to a Marketing Associate because the CEO made all the Marketing decisions.

In essence this guy wanted to hire an A-Player without putting up the ante that is required to “get in the game.”

If you truly want to hire A-Players, you better be sure you have an organization that can attract and retain A-Players.

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