Aligning People and Processes for Profitability

Just as there is a process for starting a business or
selling a business, there is a systematic process for
creating a high-performance work environment.

What most American business people don’t want to hear is
that the process must be followed in a sequential order
and that it can’t be accomplished in 30 days.  There just
isn’t any quick fix when transforming a work culture.

HR CONTRARIAN POINTER: There is a tendency in business to
buy a program, train people in the program, and expect
great results.  In such situations, the program may be the
best investment the company has ever made.  However,
without proper buy-in from senior management and
employees, the program will only be modestly successful or
will be doomed.

The methodology for aligning people and processes to
create a high performance work environment is certainly
one of those sequential programs.

I recently wrote an article for the Chester County Chamber
of Business & Industry newsletter outlining the 7 steps
for aligning people and processes. 

Below is a link to the article, which is titled
“High-Performance Work Environments.”

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