Agreeable Employees Get Lower Salaries

Do “nice guys finish last?”  The answer is “no,” but when
it comes to compensation, nice guys finish a distant

Unfortunately, new research that was presented at the
Academy of Management in August bears out the above

Additionally, the research shows a wider gap (18%) among
men as a group when it comes to which man receives more
compensation – the agreeable or the less-agreeable male.

The salary gap for agreeableness among women was only 5%.
As such, the “mean girl” syndrome is not that much of a
compensable advantage for a woman.

For purposes of the research, agreeableness was defined by
the attributes of helpful, friendly, warm, caring, and

The researchers attributed their findings among men and
women to the effects of masculine stereotypes in the
workplace, which place a higher perceived value on risk
taking, assertiveness, self-promotion, competitiveness,
directness, etc.

HR POINTER: The problem here is not male stereotypes, but
rather that business owners and executives are likely to
be fooled by external factors rather than results.

If companies continue to use poorly defined criteria for
assessing results among employees, then, managers will
continue to use conventional thinking and gender
stereotypes in determining compensation.

For an objective methodology to establishing compensation
which rewards results and eliminates such influences, read
our overview of a Wage & Salary Program at:

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