Advantages Of Joining Our Firm

These are just some of the major benefits of becoming a Member-Partner in our firm:

  • You will market yourself with instant credibility as a Member-Partner in a national consulting firm, rather than a “solo-preneur” who decided to “hang a shingle” and work out of a spare bedroom.
  • You will receive full initial sales training and ongoing start-up support in our POS program.
  • You will have full access to our pricing model and pricing strategy for each product and service, rather than trying to guess at “what the market will bear.”
  • You will have immediate access to over 20 products including ready-to-use training programs and hundreds of our templates that will allow you to deliver visually appealing products and services while minimizing your learning curve and start-up costs.
  • You will have our website and email address that identifies you as a Member-Partner of our firm.
  • You will use our marketing literature with its logo and consistent theme.
  • You will have access to other Member-Partners in our firm to help you with questions and projects.
  • You will have weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions during your start-up phase and access to the Managing Partners.
  • You will participate in the weekly Member-Partners’ Conference Calls.
  • You will run your consulting practice as you see fit, while maintaining a collegial relationship with other Member-Partners similar to the business structure of large law firms.  If you want to work 20 hours or 75 hours a week, it is up to you.  Additionally, since it is your practice, you and your tax accountant will decide how to reduce your taxes via deferred compensation into your SEP/IRA and decide on the business expenses to claim on your tax return without any input from us on how or what you spend.
  • You will be required to complete our training program.  Upon completion of the training program and successfully passing our certification exam, we will provide you with our consulting certification called Certified Member in Human Resources (CMHR).  CMHR is our professional designation that recognizes your level of competence in the use of our specialized tools and templates that we have customized to meet the needs of the SMB market.  As a result of passing the certification exam, you will be able to place the initials, CMHR, after your name on your business cards.
  • You will participate in our ongoing educational training sessions to maintain your skills and allow you to more effectively deliver the above three themes that are our marketing promises to clients.
  • If you have the time available, you can offer to work on projects that other Member-Partners may need assistance in executing.

We are accepting inquiries from HR professionals who have a sincere interest in establishing a career as a HR consultant.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Member-Partner, please complete the contact form for Prospective Consultants, and we will contact you.