7 Strategies to Improve Recruiting in a Tough Market

Having trouble finding good candidates? You are not

With jobless claims at a 49-year low, all companies are
having trouble recruiting. However, there are a number of
things that you can do to improve your chances of winning
in the recruiting race.

#1 QUICKLY respond to inquiries from candidates. The most
common response we get from Hiring Managers is, “I’m just
too busy.” There is any old axiom in sales, “delay means
denial.” This saying works the same in recruiting. The
companies that delay the recruiting process because they
are “busy,” miss the good candidates in a hot market.

#2 Take a Sales & Marketing approach to recruiting.
Review your entire recruiting process as well as
collateral material from a candidate’s perspective.

#3 Offer a Referral Bonus to current employees who refer
candidates for key positions.

#4 Get your employees involved in the recruiting process
by getting them to use their social media connections on
LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to let their contacts
know the open positions that you looking to fill.

#5 Contact former employees who left in good standing and
ask them to return or ask them for referrals.

#6 Consider putting salary ranges and benefit data in your
recruiting ads. Salary and benefits are excellent
“sales hooks.” It’s the first thing candidates want to
know and by putting it upfront, your company becomes the
“Staples Easy Button” from a recruiting perspective.

#7 Salary ranges in ads allow the people who are looking
for a career step up to apply. Additionally, salary
ranges can be used as a tool to allow candidates to
deselect themselves if they are making more money than
what your company is offering. As the Hiring Manager,
salary info in an ad is a win-win for you!


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