2013 Employment Trends

The four employment trends to watch in 2013 according to a CareerBuilder survey are:

#1 Companies aggressively soliciting employees of other firms.

#2 Significant increases in compensation.

#3 Firms taking a proactive stance by training people for specific jobs.

#4 A greater use of temps.

It’s no surprise that as the economy improves and unemployment drops, companies will look to hire people who have been fully employed through the Great Depression.  In fact, the survey showed that among non-sales employees 20% were approached during 2012 by another company to “jump ship.”  The number was 33% among salespeople.

The survey also showed that 47% of companies were going to offer higher starting salaries while 72% plan to increase compensation for existing employees.  These stats are consistent with the above trend of attracting the best employees from other companies and an attempt to keep the best workers from being “stolen.”

Firms taking an active role in training their own workforce is simply an indication that businesses have unique needs for specific skills that may not exist among the current labor force.  As such, hiring teachable employees and then training them to a company’s required skill sets will take on more importance.

The most surprising finding of the survey is the greater use of temps.  Temps certainly have a place in business.  However, it is very difficult to build a sustainable organizational culture or compete within an industry with employees who don’t feel any commitment or loyalty to a company.

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